Support the New Trails at Hidden Falls

There are some voices of opposition to the plan to create additional trails and improve the parking situation. That is why we need your help to let our elected officials know that the public they represent want the new trails plan to move forward as it is a benefit to all residents of Placer County. Here is what you can do:


Email the Board of Supervisors


A quick email expressing support and why it is important to you is all that is required. Just a few minutes of your time.


Sign the Petition


Show your support by signing the petition.


Sign the Petition


Tell Your Friends and Family


Spread the message, and encourage them to support the new trails.

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Stay informed so we can get this passed.

Show up to Meetings


Voice your support at meetings.

Hidden Falls has been a Huge Success! With Your Help, it will be even Better!

The Hidden Falls Story

Hidden Falls Regional Park is the first park envisioned by Placer County’s Legacy program, adopted in 2000. In 2003-04, the County acquired the current 1,200 acre Hidden Falls Park, which has 30 miles of multi-use trails and one major trailhead with parking. Use of the Park has grown rapidly and trails and parking can be congested during holidays and weekends to the point that visitors have been turned away. The County and Placer Land Trust have collaborated to acquire over 2,500 acres of additional land and easements to protect oak woodlands and rangelands. The Hidden Falls Trails Expansion Project will also add three new trailheads and approximately 30 miles of trails to help spread out trail enthusiasts throughout the park.

WAYS YOU CAN Support the New Trails

Send an Email

Email a simple support letter to the Board of Supervisors

Sign the Petition

Sign the petition and leave a comment to show your support

Over the Phone

In Person

Show up to county meetings to express how important this is to the community


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