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The Placer County Park and Trails Master Plan calls for increasing trails by more than 200 miles during the next 20 years throughout the County.


The Master Plan links parks, open spaces, and communities through a system of paved and unpaved trails and creates a backbone regional trail system throughout the County. Trailheads and access to open space trail systems and year-round recreation opportunities will be improved, including access to winter play in western Placer and the West Slope. Once the Hidden Falls Trail Expansion is approved, it will become part of the Park and Trails Master Plan. The trail system will be designed to meet the needs of all trail users.

More than 200 Miles of Proposed New Trails
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One of the many things that makes Placer County a great place to live, work and play are our many local parks and trails. From our soccer fields in the valley to our snow parks in the Sierras to the Western States Trail and its expansive views, our county offers a great variety of outdoor destinations.


Placer County is developing its first-ever parks and trails master plan to provide a 10-year vision for the development and operation of parks and trails throughout the county. The plan will respond to individual community needs and current trends while also planning for how you can explore and enjoy parks and trails in the future.


Input from residents, business owners, regional partners and students are important elements to guide the development of the plan and ensure recommendations reflect local needs. Throughout the 18-month process, you will have the opportunity to provide input and stay up-to-date on the plan’s process.


  • Document the quality and access of the parks and trails we have now

  • Identify community park and trail needs

  • Develop benchmarks to identify appropriate targets and recommendations for individual communities and the county as a whole

  • Recognize the influence public lands and other open space has on the county’s parks, trails and recreation access and needs

  • Gather and analyze broad community

  • Define goals, strategies, partnerships, actions, capital improvement projects, and parks and trails standards

  • Create trail connectivity within the county and to neighboring jurisdictions

  • Assess and recommend funding strategies for capital development and ongoing operational costs

  • Evaluate operational impacts

  • Provide for flexibility and context sensitivity



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