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We need your comments to help convince the Placer County Board of Supervisors to approve approximately 30 miles of new trails and improved trail access and parking for Hidden Falls. The Placer County board of Supervisors will soon be voting on the Hidden Falls Trail Expansion Project and your voice needs to be heard to make it happen. Without your voice, it may not happen.

Approval of the plan for the trails is vital to families, hikers, runners, equestrians, and bikers and will improve the health of trail users, reduce parking issues, and reduce impact on the most used trails. Expanding the Hidden Falls trail network will be a priceless asset to Placer County, preserving the rural landscape for our children, and our children’s children for generations to come.

This is a rare opportunity for all of us, please take a few minutes to comment. The comments can be as simple as voicing your support and adding why it is important to you, your family, and your community. Let's make this happen!

Comment to the Planning Commission by Sept 24, 8am

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Using the form at:


Email Comment

The public may email comments to the Planning Commission Clerk


Say something about why Hidden Falls is important to you, but please include these 2 items.


  • I support approval of the Final Environmental Impact Report of the Full Project

  • I support the county's plan to build the Reduced Project Plan.


All correspondence will become part of the permanent record.

How to Comment on the Hidden Falls Trails Expansion Project


A quick comment expressing support and why The Hidden Falls Trail Expansion Project is important to you and what city you live is all that is required. Just a few minutes of your time.


  • "I support the Hidden Falls Trail Expansion Project (your reason why)

  • Include how more parking, more trailheads, spread out crowds, healthy activities or family activities benefit everyone.

  • Your Name

  • Your City

  • That's it!

Contact Your Supervisor! They want to hear from their constituents. Tell them we need more trails!


District 1 - email Bonnie Gore
District 2 - email Robert Weygandt
District 3 - email Jim Holmes
District 4 - email Kirk Uhler
District 5 - email Cindy Gustafson  


Which Supervisor is yours?
Find out at the bottom of the Board of Supervisors page.

Progress and What is Happening

The projected scope of the plan has been reduced to better fit local concerns and economics. Parking lots have been reduced in the project but 30 miles of new trails are still in! Let's voice our support for more trails!

There are two more meetings coming up (!!!) and we need comments for each - starting with the Park Commission. We will reach out to you before each meeting so you can help gain access to the new trails.

Full Commenting Schedule:

  • Planning Commission: (recommendations on Conditional Use Permit and EIR):  Sept 24, 10am

  • Board of Supervisors: (take action on certifying EIR and the Conditional Use Permit):   TBA


How to join the meeting and comment to the Planning Commission on Sept 24th at 10am:


By Zoom
Right before the scheduled meeting at 10:00 am, please click on the following link The Meeting moderator will let you into the meeting to watch the hearing. To make a public comment on an item, you must select the "Raise Hand" button so the moderator knows you would like to speak. **Please keep your microphone muted until directed to speak.**


By Telephone
There are two toll-free numbers provided by Zoom for you to call in to listen to the public meeting. US: +1-877-853-5247 or 888-788-0099. When prompted to enter the Meeting I.D., please enter 949 4670 5136 to join the meeting. When using the telephone, please press *6 to mute.  To make a public comment you must "Raise your Hand" by pressing *9.  This informs the moderator you would like to speak and will let you know when it is time to do so.


To Make a Public Comment Reservation Prior to the Meeting
If you would like to reserve a spot to comment on a specific item on the agenda, you may leave a message no later than 2:00 pm the afternoon of the hearing, on our Public Comment Reservation Voice Mail at (530) 886-1810. Please leave your Name, Phone Number, and the Item you wish to comment on. After 2:00 pm, the  comment reservation line will not be checked. Once Public Comment has opened up for the item you wish to speak on, a County Operator will call you to transfer you into the meeting.  

**The Public will have 3 minutes to make comments.**

Details Here.

Tell Your Friends and Family


Spread the message, and encourage them to support the new trails.

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Stay informed so we can get this passed.

Show up to Meetings


Voice your support at meetings.

Hidden Falls has been a Huge Success! With Your Help, it will be even Better!

The Hidden Falls Story

Hidden Falls Regional Park is the first park envisioned by Placer County’s Legacy program, adopted in 2000. In 2003-04, the County acquired the current 1,200 acre Hidden Falls Park, which has 30 miles of multi-use trails and one major trailhead with parking. Use of the Park has grown rapidly and trails and parking can be congested during holidays and weekends to the point that visitors have been turned away. The County and Placer Land Trust have collaborated to acquire over 2,500 acres of additional land and easements to protect oak woodlands and rangelands. The Hidden Falls Trails Expansion Project will also add three new trailheads and approximately 30 miles of trails to help spread out trail enthusiasts throughout the park.

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Hidden Falls Regional Park Website

Board of Supervisors

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